Wildlife, Weather and What I know.

Antarctica Wildlife

Antarctica is home to many creatures though none that live on land. Although many other animals do return to land for shelter or to reproduce, just like penguins. There are seventeen different species of penguins. Emperor, Adelie , Chinstraps and Gentoo Penguins live in Antarctica. Emperor penguins are one of the tallest penguins in the species growing up to ninety-one centimetres to one hundred and twenty-one centimetres tall. Adelie penguins are not as tall, but build their nest on rocks unlike the Emperor Penguin. Other then penguins there are also seals, albatrosses and whales living in Antarctica.

Antarctica's Food Chain

Antarctic Weather

Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on Earth. It has many blizzards and snow storms in the winter which causes the sub-temperatures. The more central you get in Antarctica the more further away you are from the coast which makes it more colder. Temperatures in Antarctica range from -10°C from the coast to -60°C when in the more interior area.


Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on Earth and also the coldest. Nobody owns Antarctica so it doesn't have a flag though countries have their own slice of Antarctica that they explore and look after for. This is the Antarctic Treaty system.