Sarah Frias

Domains V-VIII

Domain V (Professional Communication)

Every week, I update our weekly newsletter. I also use Canvas to relay to parents any other important information they might need. I am also in contact with my parents through phone calls, email and personal notes home. My goal is to an open line of communication with my parents and coworkers.

Domain VI (Professional Development)

Our team meets weekly to plan and discuss ideas for lessons and upcoming events. We implement the ideas that teachers bring back from trainings. We attend monthly faculty meetings where we gain valuable information. We also attend PDR every two weeks, to learn new instructional strategies to utilize in the classroom.

Some of the professional development I completed includes:

  • Grammar Inviations with Jeff Anderson

  • Project CRISS

  • The Writing Academy

  • TCEA

  • Presenting at Speed Geeking

Domain VII (Compliance With Policies, Operating Procedures, and Requirements)

It is part of my duty to ensure that all school rules and procedures are being followed. Some ways that I do that include wearing my ID badge daily, making sure my students are wearing theirs at all times of the day. I also check that all visitors in the school are wearing their ID stickers. I fill out nurses passes when students need them. When we leave our classroom our doors are locked. We always have our Go Bag wherever we go and make sure to enforce CHAMPS protocol.

Domain VIII (Improvement of Academic Performance Of All Students on the Campus)

Our team follows the TEKS outline to guide our instruction and planning. We use I CAN statements that are aligned with the objectives we are teaching that week. This helps students have a clear understanding of what they will be learning. Students reading levels are identified and monitored throughout the year. This allows me to develop appropriate strategies to assist students, especially those at risk. It also allows me to plan and guides what I work on during my small group lessons.

I am also part of the Technology Committee and Wellness Committee.

I also actively participate in all campus wide activities, such as Spirit Nights, Worldfest, and Field day to encourage and motivate my students.


Goal 1: Increase student performance on Reading TEK 3.13B ( describe character interactions) by 5% or more on the 2016 STAAR test, eliminating this readiness standard from the "area of concern" on our heat map. I will continue to implement teaching and conferencing strategies used in Reader's Workshop models by collaborating and planning with my team.

Goal 2: I will learn new strategies and help lead my team in small group instruction by sharing at least 1 new strategy every other week using The Reading Strategies book.

Goal 3: I will consistently implement and reinforce the campus wide system of PBIS in all areas in and outside of the classroom. I will also continue to follow campus guidelines to positively reinforce CHAMPS expectations.