Only $3,500 per person

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Fact about Mars

  • Mars has 2 known Moons
  • The surface temperature is -87 to -5 C
  • Orbit period is 686.98 Earth days (1.88 Earth years)
  • Distance from sun is 141,600,000 miles
  • Length of a day is 1b 0h 40m
  • gravity is 3.711 m/s²
  • Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun
  • Atmosphere is mostly Carbon Dioxide, some water vapor
  • Mars has frozen water today
  • on Mars Sunsets are blue
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Common questions about Mars

  1. How would humans protect themselves on the planet? inside the Hotel you can wear whatever you want out side we will give you top of the line astronaut sutes

  2. What would navigation machine look like? Your navigation machine will look very futuristic and will be top of the line and very luxurious.

  3. What activities could humans be involved in while visiting the planet? You will be able to go and see where and how are scientists work so that they can find new things, you would also be able to visit the national Mars zoo you would be able to see the animals that we have found here, you could also take our helicopter rides and we will take you to all the attractive places in Mars.

  4. How would humans navigate to get around the planet?

we will give you a car designed for the surfaces of Mars and it's 100% safe.

We hope you enjoy your visit!!