scientific revolutuion

What Was The Change???

It started in the mid-1500s basecally it was the change in european thought, where they studyed natural world. where alot of people had a disagreement about things in outer space. religious people thought that god made everything and other thought that the sun revolved around the earth astronomers thought that the plants revolved around the sun and that everything was made because of "the big bang theory"

Who Were The People Associated With The Change

the people that associated the change were Galileo Galilei, Nicklaus Copernicus,Johannes Kepler. Galileo was a famous nature philosopher which made contributes to science. Nicola-us was a astronomer that reviled that all the plants revolved around the sun. Johannes Kepler discovered major laws of planetary motion. They were able to help because they were all astronomers and understand space more then anyone

people involved in the change


How did the change impact society at the time?

People started questioning there beliefs and didn't know what was real and who to trust.Science developed more and more over the years and people started seeing that the world was more evolved then they had thought. They started being more curious with what scientists had came up with.People started getting more interested in learning more about what space

how is the change evidence in today's modern society?

obviously more and more things had been invented since then. Now there alot more scientists, astronomers these days. people back then that came up with alot of theory's have been remembered in museums.