Endangered Animal



The tiger belongs to the cat family. Tigers are mammals because they don't lay eggs and are warm blooded. Tigers have live babies and their mothers feed them with their milk.


Tigers live in jungles and forests. Tigers also lives in china,Vietnam,Thailand ,Indonesia ,India and Russia.


Tigers have orange with black stripes. They have two green eyes and four legs. It also has long whiskers with a short body.

It has a tail that kindaof curly and it's stripes help it to camouflage that means to hide .


Tigers are carnivores that is their diet is meat.Tigers eat other animals like deers, pigs, buffaloes and gaur. Tigers can eat other animals like cows.

Other Interesting Facts

The tigers skin helps it hide in the dark when it is hunting.

Tigers are the biggest species of the cat family.

Why are Tigers Endangered?

My animal is endangered because of people hunting for its fur and for its meat.Its also endangered because of people killing them for pillow cases and other things.

How to Save the Tigers.

By Stopping hunting for its skin and stop destroying its habitat. Start looking after them. Caring about them and preventing the being killed. The next part is a short video about our last chance to save the wild Tiger.

Last chance to save the Wild Tiger? | WWF


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