Amy Butcher

All About Me

How I Am Gifted

I believe everyone is gifted in some way. Once you find how you are gifted, your obligation is to use that gift to better the world. I am still finding some of my gifts and am constantly asking myself, "How can I make the world a better place with this?"
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I have worked at Southeast Polk Junior High for three years.

Before that I taught for 16 years at St. Pius X School in Urbandale. In both jobs I taught language arts.


Words are one of my strengths. I believe I am good at putting them together into stories, essays, etc. I am also very creative. I can paint and draw, but mostly these days, I use my creativity in my career. I try to plan lessons that will accomplish goals but also capture students' attentions. I truly care about my students and want them to not only be successful but also enjoy the time they spend in my class.
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This is my personal LOGO!

The quote on this logo is by Pablo Picasso and it represents my personal motto. I also chose a dragonfly to represent my love of fantasy fiction (dragons) and because I believe they bring good luck.
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Room for Improvement

I am often forgetful and I lose items because I forget where I placed them. I have tried to put into place some helpful organizational systems to help me cope such as a tray where all missing work is turned in. A second struggle is time management. I sometimes get sidetracked doing things I enjoy and don't leave enough time to get necessities completed. I try to account for this by making lists and lists and lists of things I need to accomplish and then prioritize them.
INFJ Personality

This is a description of my personality type