Ma Long

Raymundo Zaldiar

Dear Ma Long,

I would love to meet you in person ,so that you could teach me your professional ping pongs ways. It would be awesome for you to teach me some of your back hand plays and serves. I also would like to see you in person hitting that slice move. You are known by a lot of people at my school , you are a great inspiration to me. You inspire me to get better at ping pong ,and become a ping pong professional. Thank you for being a great person and being great at ping pong. You being number one in the world is awesome sauce. and I hope to be as good as you one day! You are a great ping pong player that needs to be known. But thank you so much for being a awesome person and player. Much Love, -Raymundo Zaldivar

Ma Long BirthDate

October 20,1988


It is rumored that Ma Long is supposedly the ping pong champion of the galaxy,

Many people say Ma Long is part alien.

Rumors say that Ma Long has a pet monkey that also plays ping pong and has pet Ma Long.

Ma Long is rumored the fasted ping paddler in the universe.

Its rumored that Ma Long came out of birth playing ping pong.

Its rumored that Ma Longs mother played ping pong everyday for nine months while she was pregnant.


Reporter: Ma Long what is your rank right now in the world?

Ma Long: I am ranked number 1 right now by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Reporter: Ma Long when were you born?

Ma Long: I was born the year 1988, October 20

Reporter: Ma Long where were you born?

Ma Long: I was born in China Liaoning Anshan.