TCEA 2014 Take-Aways

Here's a SMore Flyer with links to ideas and resources about:

  • iBooks Author
  • Marzano on Pinterest
  • iPad Green Screen, Slo Mo and Fast Mo
  • Global connections with Twitter for Kindergartners
  • and more

Tammy Worcester Presents Tried and True and New Ideas and Activities

Here is a link to her sessions.

I participated in the "Technology Activities for Little Folks Session". All of her sessioins are listed and linked on that page.

Her other sessions had some great resources also.

A Kindergarten Class Twitter Account opens up the World.

Matt Gomez, Kindergarten teacher in Plano shared how he uses Twitter to connect his class globally.

  • He sets up a class twitter account at the beginning of the year
  • There are no student photos, names, and the name of his account does not have his name in it.
  • Followers only follow by permission
  • He screens the tweets he gets
  • He picks 2-3 a day for the class to read and talk about in the morning
  • At the end of the day the class decides what they learned that they want to tweet about
  • Many of the tweets have been the inspiration for his "Research Center"
  • Here is a link to his slide presentation
This was a fun session in which several Ed Tech presenters came together to share useful and fanciful apps.

The title is linked to this session.