Franklin Butterfield

BA Human Resource Management

A little bit about me...

Here is a little about me. I’m currently working on finishing up my Human Resource Management Degree and with my current schedule I will finish my last course on my 18th anniversary of being part of the Marine Corps, June 15, 2015. I’ve enjoyed my career in the Marine Corps, but I am looking forward to a more family friendly job where I can spend more time with my wonderful wife and six children. I am also looking forward to more opportunities. I’ve always liked adventure and while I’m still enjoying my career, it has kind of stagnated as far as career progression due to lack of available positions to move up into and I’ve just about been there and done it all.

I am currently a loadmaster and crewmaster instructor on the KC-130J aircraft, teaching introductory training through to qualification. I also evaluate other Marines for their annual check rides, to ensure they still know how to do what they do safely. I teach a few other Marine Corps aircrew related classes and have been teaching, instructing, and evaluating almost full time since 2009. It is extra work, and I hate the paperwork that is involved, but training Marines and watching them learn and then seeing them later when their qualified and out in the fleet doing their job and knowing I trained them, really makes it all worth it and feels great. I also teach a couple of Bible studies and enjoy watching people get a passion for and have their lives changed by that also. I think being a mentor in my personal life and here for the Champs program will provide similar personal rewards and if anything it just feels good helping someone else out. I think the spirit of helping people is summed up in the Star Fish story quite well.

I’ve spent at least half my life on the road the last 17 years, but when I am home, I spend just about all my awake time trying to pack as much as I can into the day which usually entails work, family time, church and then school not necessarily in that order. The free time I would usually get is spent working towards my degree. If I get some free time, I love spending it in the great outdoors doing anything from working on my yard, to mountain biking, hunting, fishing, etc.

My success in Ashford has come through being blessed with the required resources, a lot of dedication, just about all the self-discipline I can find some days, a low tolerance for anything but my best, and hard work. Having a family that will give me time to focus on my school work, or in my wife’s case forgives me for crawling into bed in the early morning hours is a huge contributing factor also, and that is greatly appreciated.