this week featuring the war hawks.

who are these so called war hawks?

the war hawks are these dudes who really, really wanted to fight the british squad. they wanted to fight these guys so bad that they persuaded the congress to declare war against britain. well why were these guys so angry at britain?

why so mad at britain man? why?

they were very upset with britain because they were practicing impressment or abduction, and the war hawks didnt think that was cool so they wanted to legally beat them up.

so the most important cats from the war hawks are mr clay and mr calhoun.

these guys are basically the most relevant peeps from the war hawks. clay was because he is like the creator of them. and calhoun is important because he was a very political man.

so lets have a word with clay.

-so hello clay hows it going dude

its goin man, its goin

-so lets talk impressment, whats your thoughts man

i honestly think its bad, like who comes and steals people. just the thought of it makes me angry

-so what did you guys think was the best thing to do about it

we, the war hawks, personally get tired of waiting and really believed that going to war was the only honorable thing to do.

-would you say that the war hawks started the war, like their reaction started the war?

i mean it kind of did alot of persuasion was involved with this because the congress really wasnt about it at first but we had to like literally take over one of the meetings and just give it to them straight up.

-so what actually started the war hawks?

i would say the mutal anger at britian abducting people.

-ok well thats all the time we have for this interview hopefully we can see more of you in the near future.

thankyou for having me, had a great time. and would comeback whenever you need me.