Zip line at camp!!

Awesomeness ia about to happen!!

Zip line/Flying fox

You walk to the spot and gear up get your pulley and make your way up to the big giant tower. The man hooks the pulley up and says....... Jump!


Wednesday, March 13th 2013 at 10pm-3:30am

The hills of Malaysia.

By a Village. We 4th graders went camping. woooowowoowowoowowo.


First we went to Archery, Orienteering, Bomb disposal then we had lunch. After lunch we when on a hike and went through a river. Finally we had dinner and went to this water that was heated by the core. The last thing we did was go to bed. The second day are first one was Zip line/Flying fox, Horse riding, Camp skits and finally we went home.

Camp was Awesome!!!!!!