My trip to Hawaii

Sponsored by: Kara Wilson

When I first I found out that I was going to Hawaii

I got out of school and I got in the car my mom said I was going to Hawaii and i need to pack my bags. I asked her how long are we gone be gone she said and she said for 3 weeks. So we got home and I packed 12 shorts, 12 shirts. I told my mom I don't have a bathing suit, or other outfits so we went to the mall and we spent about $400 on cloths for everybody. We went in my moms jeep and we spent $800 in gas to get up there.


When we got there we got something to eat it cost $50. We went and got a motel for 3 weeks and it cost for 3 weeks $2,000 and we went to the beach it cost 2,000 the whole time we went