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Overcoming Poverty

Poverty has prevented a lot of people's chances to do good in life; These stories are about the few who overcame the hardships and became amazing

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao had to face many adversities throughout his life, unlike Floyd Mayweather. Manny was living in a slum on the dirty streets of the Philippines. On the other hand, Floyd was given what ever he wanted. Furthermore, Manny Pacquiao did not have a lot of food to eat. At one point, he ate from the trash can because his family could not afford to buy food. He ended up living on the streets and eating scraps. It was clear he was experiencing deep poverty. In contrast, Floyd has never even been close to poverty. His father was a famous boxer and Floyd followed after him. The Mayweather’s had an excess of money, which was used for useless things such as multiple houses. Which, differs from Pacquiao because the only dream he had was to survive. The largest difference between these two men is that Pacquiao had no support for his talents and dreams, when Mayweather had been given all the facilities and coaching for his dreams and talents. Although, they have many differences, they have some similarities too. One similarity is they both are extremely famous boxers in present day. Another commonality is they both have been considered the best lightweight boxers alive. Additionally, the main similarity is they both have a passion for boxing and are very competitive. Floyd ranks number one in lightweight competition and is undefeated. Pacquiao also ranked number one at a point. Lastly, another likeness between these two boxers is that they are the highest paid athletes in the world. Therefore, they are the richest athletes in present day. Overall, Pacquiao overcame the street life to become a boxing phenomenon, while Mayweather was given all the opportunities and privileges.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Creating A New Start

Eleanor Roosevelt’s childhood was very rough, but she kept on fighting through the hardships. Eleanor was born on October 11, 1884 in Manhattan, New York. She was a joyful girl, but her parents had many issues. Her dad was an alcoholic and her mother had many headaches. Then on 1891, Eleanor’s mother and father died, when Eleanor was only eight years old. It was all a shock to Eleanor. She was having to go through poverty and many adversities. She had petty amount of food to eat and had very bad living conditions. Meanwhile, Eleanor’s new guardian, her grandmother sent her to a boarding school named Allenswood, where she was teased about her ugly appearance. However, that did not cause Eleanor to feel disheartened. On 1902, Eleanor finally left the boarding school, not returning for her fourth year. Later, when Eleanor was spending time with her uncle, she met a man she had true love and affection for. They spent lots of time together and loved each other very much. Next, came Elanor’s most prized day, on 1905, she married Franklin D. Roosevelt, her true love. Franklin was a politician and Eleanor rubbed off him. On 1912, Eleanor showed her affectionate side and gave all her efforts to help wounded World War 1 soldiers to help Franklin win elections. Not long after, in 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president of the United States of America, when the nation was in its deepest depression. Later Eleanor and Franklin went through a series of historic events, such as the Pearl Harbor bombing. While, Franklin was commanding the military's actions, Eleanor gave hope to the jobless Americans by giving eloquent speeches of hope. Suddenly, on 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt died due to Cerebral hemorrhage. The nation was wonderstruck, as was Eleanor. However, Eleanor did not let that stop her from staying politically active, and helping the Americans in need. Due to Eleanor’s good doings, she became a delegate to the United Nations. Which, was an unbelievable accomplishment because at that time women were considered idle. Eleanor had rose from nothing, in her childhood she lived in poverty, but that never stopped her from accomplishing outstanding goals in the future of her life. In the end, Eleanor died at the great age of seventy-eight, on the very year of 1962. All in All, Eleanor persevered through all the adversities she faced in her childhood.

LeBron James: Born Into Poverty

LeBron James is one of the legends of NBA basketball, but he had to face many adversities when growing up. It is anyone’s dream to meet LeBron James in the present day. People believe LeBron was privileged and had it all. However, nobody thinks about LeBron’s childhood and his hardships growing up. He had a tough life and had an unsafe environment around him. When LeBron was 5 years old his grandmother had died, resulting in LeBron and his 21 year old mother getting condemned from their home, which led to young LeBron living in scrappy area’s because his mother did not have a stable paying job. Reasons as to why the places he lived at were scrappy are because the streets around him were filled with gangs and drugs. If LeBron’s mother had a stable and a well-paid job, then LeBron would have a better lifestyle. Due to the petty amount money LeBron did not have food on his plate. The outcome was LeBron had missed 100 days of fourth grade. The cause of why he had missed so much time was because he was complacent and did not care about school. Additionally, he had no ambition for learning. Then his basketball coach and family friend, Frankie Walker realized the situation, and felt eager to help. He thought LeBron had lots of talent on the basketball court and hated to see LeBron in this situation. He then talked to LeBron’s mother regarding the topic. The effect was Frankie and Lebron’s mother, Gloria had come to a conclusion that LeBron was going to move in with the Walker family for a period of time. Since the Walker’s had a stable income and a safe home. LeBron was in an odd position living with another family, but he understood why and accepted it. The next year, while LeBron was staying with the Walkers he got a perfect attendance award. After, that he moved back in with his mother because while he was with the Walker’s LeBron’s mother got back on her feet, and found a stable occupation. Therefore, LeBron came out of his slump and overcame the adversity of living in poverty and started to lead a normal life. LeBron later was noticed by top recruiting coaches because of his stellar athleticism on the basketball court. As years past LeBron won the MVP award 4 times in the NBA. Also, he won 2 national championships with the Miami Heat. In conclusion, LeBron rose from a boy who did not have food to eat or a safe home to live to become a legend.

As you can see poverty is a large problem that needs to be fixed; the info graphic and the video below give additional information on poverty

S.T.O.P Solutions To Overcoming Poverty

Steve Jobs: Once An Orphan

Steve Jobs had a hard past, he experienced poverty through most of his life. However, he persevered past the adversities, and now is an famous icon to millions. He created the company Apple, which has had a tremendous amount of sales in past decade. Steve grew up as an orphan because his biological parents could not afford to raise a child. At a very young age he had experienced foodless night and had to sleep on the floor. He was finally adopted at age one, his adoption family also faced poverty. When he went to college, he experienced many adversities. For example, when he was attending Reed college a private school with an average tuition of sixty thousand dollars a year. His adoption parents could not afford to pay so much. Therefore, he had to drop out. Which left him with nowhere to live, he had to sleep on the floor of a friend’s apartment. Most important, he did not have any food to eat. He was experiencing deep poverty. Just to get eat he went to the Hare Krishna Temple to ask for donated food. For instance, Steve Jobs did not have an occupation, but he had an ambition for engineering and computers. Characteristics of Steve, were intelligence, leadership skills, and he loved electronics. Many people say, he looked like a hippie with an afro. Although, looks can be deceiving he was actually a technology genius. He persevered through the lack of money and founded the company Apple with a partner named Steve Wozniak. They created many improvements to the oversized computer. They made designs of cheap and sizable computers, and ultimately came up with the most commonly used computer today, the Mac. Overall, Steve Jobs had faced poverty during most of his life, but he persevered through it and created a 700 billion dollar company.

The Legend of Soccer: Overcoming A Rough Start

Chances are, you have never heard of Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He was the most famous athlete’s of the last century. Not in America, not in Europe, but in the world! In Edson’s childhood, the main difficulty was little Edson grew up in poverty. This led to Edson getting a scarce amount of food and not getting a proper home. He was in a state of poverty. Although, there was something amazing about him, “By the time he was 11 years old, people began to notice Edson was special; he could do things with his feet and a ball that people twice his age couldn’t replicate.” The Problem was his family could not afford any professional coaches to help him learn the beautiful sport of soccer. However, Edson had the drive and resolve to learn, he could persevere through all the adversities. After all, he was a special boy. A solution was to find a way to earn additional money. Then Edson found a perfect way to solve the problem, he decided to work as a servant to earn money for his and his family’s needs. This solved the challenge because now Edson and his family had additional money. Since they finally got another source of income they could afford to get assistance from local coaches. Therefore, Edson got the coaching he needed, and learned all the rules and fundamentals of soccer. It turned out, Edson was not just special, he was one of a kind. The coaching helped him get noticed by soccer clubs, and he rose from the poverty and hardships to become one of the best soccer players ever. Edson is rather referred as to Pele. He is not quite sure why he was called Pele. However, he says his schoolmates created it, and once his classmates began using the nickname, he could not shake it. Overall, Pele persevered through poverty and became one of the greatest of the great.

As you can see poverty has caused lots of problems, but there are solutions, the main solutions are represented below

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