Jordan High School



In order to help our students and parents getting involved with our school district, we made a course booklet including required classes, elective classes, and co-curricular activities as well as a description of each. We hope this will help our students make their course decisions each school year. Enjoy!



7th Graders:

Orchestra classes meet everyday during the regular school day and students receive grades for their work. 7th graders will be primarily focused on development and the basic learning of the instrument of choice. Seventh graders who advance the skills they are learning are able to advance to the eighth grade orchestra group

8th Graders:

Eighth Grade orchestra is a more advanced performing elective. Students will expand on their knowledge they have learned in the previous year, and will continue to learn and advance more on their skills. They are graded on participation and improvement throughout the year(s). Students in the eighth grade orchestra will be required to attend a minimum of one concert a year. Advanced seventh graders are able to choose to be moved up into this course if they exceed the expectations they were given.


7th Graders -

in seventh grade band students learn and enhance their abilities on wind and percussion instruments. The focus is primarily on development and expansion of abilities. Students are given grades by practicing, and improving throughout the course. Students will not be graded on talent in this course, but will be graded on effort and improvement. Students are required to attend to at least one grouppractice which will be during the school day, to understand performing with others of different skill levels.

8th Graders -

Eighth grade band is the most advanced performing elective for students in the wind and percussion instrument area. Students in this course are given grades by understanding the advanced lessons, and improving in their talents. Students practice their individual, as well as group performing skills. Students are expected to attend all practices and performances in this course, with minimal absences.


7th Grade -

In the seventh grade chorus class students will sing a wide variety of music, sing expressively, and sing throught diverse genres. They focus and follow a conductors instructions. These classes will be a daily class during the school day. Students are graded on performance and attendance. Seventh graders are unable to move up into the eighth grade chorus class due to classes being separated by age, not skill.

8th grade -

Eight graders will increase and review on their learning abilities they have learned in the previous years, new students will learn along with the tudents who have attended the class before. Students will learn from a conductor. Teachers have high expectations for students who are willing to take this course, commitment is one main way teachers grade students in this course.

ART 1:

7th and 8th graders can eunter this course. Students work on developing skills such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and many more. Students are able to work on their skills in this class and are will have the opportunity to experiment with different types of creating art.

ART 2:

8th grade students can enter this course if they have completed Art 1. This course will go more in depth on skills such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and others. Students will work on assignments with these skills during class. They also have the opportunity to expierament with new ways of creating art.


Students are able to choose a world language as one of their elective. In the world language department the choices include Spanish, German, and French.


7th graders who choose Spanish are required to take Spanish 1 (this also pertains to 8th graders who choose to start Spanish). Students who understand this Spanish course and are more advanced that others kids can move up to Spanish 2. Spanish 1 is separated over the length of two years. We do this so Students fully understand the material and are ready for Spanish 2 when it comes time for high school. Students learn basic vocabulary and study the learn the basics of this language during Spanish 1.

Spanish 2:

Both grades can enter into this course. Spanish 2 is for the advanced kids that completely understand the material in Spanish 1. This class will be difficult because it is more advanced than the others. Students will learn new vocabulary and many other new things. Part of this class may be review for some students. Students get into this class by excelling in Spanish 1, or by a teacher recommendation. This class will contain both grades that hav advanced.

French 1:

7th and 8th graders will start this course for thr first year of French. More advanced students who completely understand the material will he moved into French 2. French 1 is spread over the course of 2 years, for students take French for their whole middle school years. We do this to prepare the students for Spanish 2 so they can focus on new material, and not material they forgot to learn. Students will learn basic vocabulary and the basics Of French in this class. 8th graders who have nit advanced to French 2 will review and learn all vocab thoroughly.

French 2:

Both 7thand 8th graders can enter this class. This course is only to be taken by students who have exceeded expectations and advanced over other students. This class will be more difficult than others and is only recommended to be taken by kids who have determination. Students will review in this class, and also learn new vocab and go more in depth in the basics of the French language. Stydents enter this class by teacher recommendation, or excelling through the learned criteria.

German 1:

7th and 8th graders can choose this course. German one will be spread over the course of two years, so students can understand the material and be prepared for the next step in their German classes. Students who choose this will work on vocabulary and learning the basics of the German language. Students who excel this class will be moved up to German two by a teacher recommendation, or by advancing on. 8th graders who have not advanced will take the second part of German that has been spread over the course of two years.

German 2:

Students in both grades who have advanced German one will enter this class. This class wil review what students learned in German one and will also teach them more of the German language. This course is very advanced and teachers expect students to be prepared for this difficult course. Students do not have to choose this class if recommended.



7th and 8th graders can choose to enter this course. This course is an exploratory course to learn the basics of keyboarding, it also includes a section on careers and learning about your choices in life. We added this edition in so students understand colleges and don't get confused in high school about picking a career that interests them. In this class students will use the computer to create three dimensional drawings, and will bring them to life by creating them with the help of a instructor. This class can be taken a whole year, or can be taken in just one semester. Students are able to drop this class after the semester if they are no longer interestined. 8th graders who choose this class again in the future will be doing different ideas than the ones they did this year.


  • Dancing- Students can participate in learning styles of dancing and performing.
  • Musical- Is usually picked from existing content. Anyone can participate. Jobs include crew members, sound and lights, set design, and cast.
  • School Newspaper- Daily news on what's going on recently in our school. Features a announcements, events, etc.
  • Sports- A wide variety of athletic activities, such as football, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and many more.
  • Student Council- Keeps everything organized. Deal with basic issues, like bullying or vandalism, if needed. Anyone can join.
  • Art Club- Where students can express their creativity. Drawing, painting, animating, clay, paper mâché, and more is available in this class.
  • Book Club- Self explanatory, students find a book that they like, and simply read. They meet once or twice a week to discuss what they like and dislike about the book, how far they are in it, etc.
  • Robotics- Students build machines of their imagination in this club. They can work alone, or in groups to build their masterpieces. Lego pieces, wires, and remote controls are some of the tools we use in this club.
  • Archery- Students are able to use their own bows and arrows if they wish. Basically, this club meets a few times a week to work on their archery skills, depending on what level they're at.
  • Bowling- This is a club where students get together to practice bowling, and compete in tournaments. Students can bring their own equipment if they wish.
  • Drama- In this club, students act out scenes for movies, books, or plays of their choosing. They can eve create scenes and stories of their own.
  • Writing Club- This club allows students' creative juice to flow. Students can write informational pieces, nonfiction, or works of their own.
  • Driving Class- This optional class allow younger students to gain experience behind the wheel from older students.