Pre-K iPad Cart Roll Out

Care, Maintenance and Peer Reviewed iPad App Selection

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We need your input!

You know your students and the curriculum better than anyone, so we are depending on you!

Prior to our professional learning on November 4th, it is requested that each Pre-K teacher review and offer input on two separate documents.

1. In the Peer Reviewed Pre-K iPad Apps, you will find 15 free iPad apps that we are taking a closer look at to see which ones we want to add to each Pre-K iPad across CCSD. Please take time to preview each of these apps by clicking on the link in the far left column of the chart. You may even want to install several that you like onto your teacher iPad to play with the app to see if it would be a great choice for Pre-K students across the district. If you have a comment you think would be helpful in our decision making process after reviewing the app(s), please type those in the far right column.

Please preview and review these apps prior to our professional learning session on November 4th. During our time together on the 4th, we will choose which apps we want to add to the student iPads, and we need to make informed decisions.

2. Please review the Pre-K iPad Cart Care and Maintenance Presentation and look for ways that you would suggest improving this document.

For Teacher Reference

Please click on the links below if you need to set up your teacher iPad.

Thank You for Your Help!

If you have any questions about these documents and what you are being asked to do prior to our professional learning session on November 4th, please feel free to contact Carrie Siegmund at

Looking forward to our professional learning session!

Please remember to bring your teacher iPads to the professional learning session on November 4th.