By:Nick V

Have you ever been to Hawaii? If you haven't then I highly recommend going there.
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Fishing is awesome in Hawaii.They're many kinds of fishing in Hawaii like boat fishing,surf fishing,fly fishing,deep sea fishing,net fishing,spear fishing and a lot more.You can catch many different kinds of fish when your in Hawaii.


Hawaiian resorts are amazing like the Hilton Waikoloa.It has sunset dinning, dolphin encounters, Luaus and canal boats that go around the place.There are plenty more hotels and resorts.
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There are really cool beaches in Hawaii.Some have access to surfing and scuba diving.


There are lots of dangerous video clanked in Hawaii.In the past two centuries there has been more than 200,000 deaths from volcanoes.When a volcano erupts the lava can get more than 1,000 feet in the air.


The Luau is a dance that you move your arms in a wave motion side to side.The fire dance is where you light both ends of a long torch on fire and do tricks with it.
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Hawaii is in the United State but it is a island in the Pacific Ocean.
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