Xavier's Third Grade Connection

May 4- May 8, 2020


Language Arts

  • It is tornado season in Iowa. Read What is a Tornado? on Epic. (Class code is at the bottom of this newsletter).
  • Summarize what you learned about how tornadoes are formed, as well as how to stay safe in a tornado. You may write your summary, tell someone your summary, or record it on SeeSaw.
  • Read for 20 minutes on your own.


  • Review area and perimeter by answering these 10 questions. Read carefully to see if they want you to compare the area or perimeter. If you get one wrong, be sure to read the explanation. You can go back to the last 2 weeks' newsletters to review area or perimeter if you need to.


  • This weekend’s Gospel described Jesus as a Good Shepherd, who has come so that his followers might have life to the fullest. Shepherds lead, protect, and provide for their sheep. Shepherds know their sheep and the sheep know the shepherd’s voice. Jesus is our shepherd who leads and protects us, and we do our best to follow our Shepherd.
  • Click here to watch a video telling of this bible story. Think about Jesus as they explain a good shepherd.
  • Click here to listen to Psalm 23, a prayer about God being our Good Shepherd.


Language Arts

  • Write a letter to your parents telling them about Dr. Sakar's work. Read the letter to them.
  • If you're not interested in writing about the simulator, write at least 5 sentences about your favorite meal instead. Use plenty of adjectives so your paragraph is descriptive!


  • Play the multiplication game, Spiral. You will need a deck of cards, a dice, and some game pieces.
  • Click here to read the directions. Click here to watch a video explaining the game.
  • See if you can find someone to play with you, but if not, you can play alone. I think you'll find it fun!


  • You get to learn from Father Jim today! Listen to him teach you about the vestments that priest wear by clicking here.


Language Arts

  • Create a safety plan poster for your home in case of a tornado. Think about where to go to stay safe and what supplies you would need to have gathered. Don't forget to bring your shoes with you as you would need them to walk through the debris if a tornado would actually hit your house! We would love to see a picture of your poster through SeeSaw or email.
  • Read on your own for 20 minutes.


  • Go to SeeSaw to complete two activities on finding area and perimeter of the same shapes.


  • Father Jim is back for another religion class! Today he will teach you about incense and the books the priests use at Mass. Click here.


Language Arts
  • Go to SeeSaw to listen to Mystery Doug compare tornadoes and hurricanes. Using SeeSaw or your own paper, complete a Venn Diagram comparing the two, then write about which you think is worse.
  • Read for 20 minutes on your own.
  • Optional Activity: Ask your parents for permission to follow these directions and try to create a tornado in a bottle or jar at home.


  • Get out your Legos today! Build shapes and find the area and perimeter of them. Go to SeeSaw for directions to get you started. Remember to label your answers. You may submit more than one picture!
  • Talk to your family about real life situations about when you would need to use area and perimeter. What if you were buying new carpet, would you need the area or perimeter? What if you were putting a fence around your yard, area or perimeter? What other examples can you think of?



  • You have all been working so hard, let's keep today simple and fun!

Click here to listen to Mrs. Wubbena read you a great book called, "The Orange Shoes." We hope you like this book as much as she does. As you listen think about how the characters Delly and Prudy are alike and different.

  • PS If you didn't get your Mother's Day card made yesterday, make sure you do it today! :)

Helpful Information


  • Mrs. Rahe's Class Code: vhb5049
  • Mrs. Wubbena's Class Code: zah2491

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  • username: kaea118
  • password: kaea01