How to survive a zombie invasion

Tips To surviving the zombie apocalypse

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Regions To Go To

  • Rocky Mountains
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • Basin And Range

Your Needs

You will need food water shelter weapons ammo


You will need food and water because you can't live without it shelter and transportation to protect yourself. Weapons to fight back the zombies.

Rating Scale

Appalachian Highland Rating is 8 1/2

Rocky Mountains Rating Is 8 1/2

Canadian Shield is 7 1/2

Those Rating because............. Appalachian Highlands Is 8 1/2 because you can get on the mountains and shoot the zombies from there.

he Rock Mountains is 8 1/2 because you can get on the mountains and shoo the zombies from there.

Canadian Shield is 7 1/2 because the islands are useful and zombies cant go across water that well.

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Hunting Materials

Weapons: bow and arrow,knifes ext.

Food:(all cooked) chicken,beef,pig ext.

Clothing: gas mask,scuba diving ext.