The Sugar Act of 1764

we don't want to fight, we just want a better economy

New 3-pence Tax on SUGAR

We (Parliament) are adding a 3 pence tax per pound to sugar, molasses, and various other goods arriving from the West Indies and other foreign countries. This is in no way an effort to steal money from you, and we are only trying to make it more affordable! Previously, the tax on molasses was double what it is now. Buying it from Britain would be a much better alternative now, colonists!
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If You Smuggle, You're In Trouble!

The King is in great debt from the last war. Why not do your help and pitch in by paying your tax diligently? This act will be enforced rigorously by the tax collectors shortly arriving, and smuggling will not be tolerated. We hope you will be supportive of this new effort to better the relationship and trade between Great Britain and the colonies.
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