Death Cloud

By: Nicholas Slack

Matty Arnatt is one of the main characters

Matty is poor so I think that he has ripped clothes, or like a potato bag or something as his clothes. Matty is probably barefoot because he either can't afford shoes or he doesn't want some, plus typically poor people walk barefoot. I also think that his clothes probably look and/ smell really bad because he doesn't have the money to go buy new clothes and he can't wash his clothes, and he can't take showers. Lastly he always gets the last things of food left at the "stores" in the town and that also shows how poor he is but also he probably has a bunch of stains and food messes an his shirts.

A little more about Matty...

Matty is poor but he's lucky because he still has a way of transportation from his horse and boat. He also has a good friend, Sherlock, who is nice and a really good friend. Lastly, he has got Amyus Crowe who is really nice and is Sherlock's tutor who really helps take care of and help Matty about quite a bit.
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If Matty went on a vacation, three things he would travel with are 1. his horse because he always takes his hose everywhere especially when travelling. 2. His boat because it's pretty much the same as with the horse and 3. He would probably take Sherlock with him cause first of all he doesn't even have that much stuff in general already, but also Sherlock and him had become really good friends so Matty would like to have someone accompany him.