Post Unit Reflection

By Alex Shelley

Happy Relationship

I believe the most important things for maintaining a comfortable, healthy relationship is mostly based on respect, loyalty and trust.

Without these very important qualities a relationship will begin to fall apart very fast, as long as there is an equal amount of these qualities the relationship will be okay.

In a healthy relationship you should share the same interests and be able to joke around and have a good time. Being dedicated to one another, not choosing others over your friends. Respect is major part too, being able to respect eachother and listen to one anothers opinions and respects theirs is great. In a good relationship you should always stay happy and make eachother feel wanted everyday.

Informed conscience

Instincts which allow decision making to occur while considering all of the possible consequences as well as the possible gains.


The inner feelings of what is right and what is right and what is wrong which motivates a persons choice of actions