The Man That Lived For About 13 Seconds

Birth of Icarus


Daedules (Icarus' father)

Known for being an expert craftsmen/architect. He is said to have invented the first inventor of images. He was accused for the murder of his so called "nephew", Talos, because he was afraid he was smarter or may surpass his old teacher (Parada 1). Daedules made things for king Minos but he refused to let him go. Icarus' father knew that Minos controlled the sea and land around the area but he couldn't control the skies so he built two sets of wax wings and feathers for him and his son and they set out to the skies. Icarus' father warned him about not soaring to high or descending to low but he didn't listen. Icarus got carried away and soared towards the sky as if he were trying to reach heaven and he got too close to the sun and his wings began to melt. He fell from the sky and drowned. Legend has it, Hercules found his body washed up on shore and gave Icarus a proper burial. The sea he drowned in is now called the Icarian Sea and the island he washed up on is referred to as Icaria. Daedules made his way to Sicily where he stayed with a king and his daughters and he made items for their use. When King Minos came in search of Daedules he was murdered by the king or one of his daughters because they were great admirers of his craftsmanship and appreciated what he did for them.


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