B: Jared Marsh

The start of cigarettes

Cigarettes have a big impact on people's life. That are a Tabacco product that the U.S. started growing in 1612 to make money. It was a major success because it had a high demand because it claims to reduce stress and apparently gives an imagine that people like to see.

The effect on the body

Cigarettes have a big effect on the human body it release tar into the lunchs causes yellowing of the teeth and bad breath and some other effects. It can lead to very bad health issues it can even cause cancer.

The good/ the conclusion

Even though cigarettes are bad for you many people claim it reduces there stress and calms them down it's a profit for the us because of tax and its a high demand. But other than that cigarettes do nothing for you but an early death.

Cigarettes are no good and people against it sould push for them to be banned they don't help people unless the person wants to die an early age because of lung disease and cancer so everyone should stop it they should no longer be put in TV and movies because it just makes the young think it's cool and they should do it then there hooked on it and addicted. So let's stop the sale of cigarettes and safe lives.