Before, During, and After

The Effects of the Ancash Earthquake

What was Ancash like before its major earthquake?

Before the earthquake, Ancash was very unprepared. They hadn't ever faced a major

earthquake before, not on this scale. But alas, this region (the Ancash Region), was in-between two major plates. Also, another reason they we unprepared was because the earthquake was only 45 sec. long. As a result, there was no warning.

What was Ancash like during its major earthquake?

During the Ancash earthquake, the South American plate was moving over the Nazca plate. This resulted in a horrific earthquake in the Ancash region. As another result, an avalanche occurred in the small town of Yungay. The earthquake's epicenter was 35 kilometers off the Peruvian coast on the Pacific Ocean.

What about the After-Effect?

Well, the main area within the Ancash region that was affected was Yungay. In the rest of the region, only the small buildings needed to be rebuilt; the bigger ones were only in need of minor repairs. But in the town of Yungay, the earthquake caused an avalanche which buried the town under tons of debris. In Yungay itself, 25,000 people died (which is 1/3 of the total deaths in the Ancash Region). Only 92 people made it out alive! But as far as we know, there was no after-shock.

What do you do in the case of an earthquake right now?

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