Second Grade Newsletter

January 2016



In reading the students are studying different characters. They are reading different books to watch how a character can grow and develop over time.


This month in writing, the students are starting a new unit on realistic fiction. They will develop characters with emotions and work to create a story where their character faces a problem and needs to find a solution.


In math, the students are working hard to understand how the base ten system connects to addition and subtraction. They are studying single-digit addition and subtraction and discovering how to create their own math word problems.

Social Studies

Second graders will be learning all about how New York's communities have been shaped and influenced by its geography. This next social studies unit will provide students with opportunities to learn about the five boroughs and how each one was developed.


Monday January 16- No School

January Birthday

Ms. Jurist and Ms. Mari

Carina 1/12

Maiajune 1/15

Ms. Arno and Ms. Walters

Leilani 1/7

Daniela 1/13

Ms. Windle

Daryl 1/20

Ada 1/23

Giovanna 1/26

Ms. Ramirez

Maitri 1/7

Kaleen 1/7