Endangered & Extinct Species

Jaguarundi, Michigan Monkey-flower, & Baiji River Dolphin


Background Information

  • Wildcat that resembles a weasel
  • Size: 6-10 lbs, 10-14 in. Tall
  • Diet: Carnivores
  • Life span: up to 15 years in captivity

Michigan-Monkey Flower

Background Information

  • Habitat: found in mucky soil and sand
  • Needs flowing spring water
  • Status: Endangered
  • Cause: habitat destruction

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Baiji River Dolphin

Background Information

  • Goddess of the Yangtze
  • Size: Males-17ft long, Females-18ft long
  • Diet: freshwater fish
  • Life span: 24 years in the wild
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  • Habitat: Yangtze River in China
  • Status: Extinct
  • Causes: habitat destruction and pollution
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