Jodi Coolidge

Special Education Endorsement MM 7-12


My name is Jodi and this is my third year as the Vocational Coordinator at Norfolk Senior High which encompasses quite a few responsibilities. The students I work with are all on an IEP in grades 9 through age 21 with all levels of disabilities. In the mornings I teach Project SEARCH at Faith Regional Health Services, and coordinate two teams of students and their job coaches to go into the community to a different business every day for Job Skills class. In the afternoons I'm at the high school where I teach three Workstations classes, coordinate a team of students with their job coaches for Job Skills class, evaluate students who are employed to receive work experience credits, and attend Junior and Senior IEP's to present information on Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc. Rehab.) and discuss student options with parents and the IEP team.


I am working toward my Mild/Moderate 7-12 Endorsement. I considered working toward a Master's, but at 55 I might be retired before I achieve it. I'm a "late-bloomer" teacher. Most of the students I work with are from the Life and Adult Transition programs in our school. Some of the students have TBI, mild-moderate and Down Syndrome.

As a team we work as a unit to help the students learn vocational and soft skills. One of the most amazing aspects of teaching is when one of our students gets a job or gets a compliment from customers in the businesses they go to. It makes the end of a crazy-good day, even better!

Three of the most beautiful grandkids in the world! Well my world, anyway.