Weathering and erosion

Nick and Tyler

What is Weathering

When rocks wear down over time

Mechanical and physical weathering

When the rocks get rained on snowed on waves wind that kind of stuff that is physical weathering.

3 examples how it occurs: temperature changes- when rocks are really warm they expand a little when its not so warm it contracts.

Wind rain and waves- The wind makes sand particles blow into rocks and that's what makes rocks wear down

Freeze and thaw- It expands when it is frozen.

Chemical weathering

definition: When chemicals break down rocks.

2 examples how it occurs: When carbon dioxide mixes with the water and rock. Also when oxygen and water react to the rock and cause it to rust.

Biological weathering

Definition: When plants and other kinds of stuff outside wear down the rock- living things.

2 examples of how it occurs: When rabbits or squirrels collect food. and weeds coming through your driveway.

What is Erosion

When a chunk of something moves away from its original place such as when a piece of a state pulls apart from its original place.

Erosion by wind

Describe how it occurs: The wind carries the small rocks and sand and the pebbles scrape against the ground.

Sediment sizes that can be carried: smaller sized rocks because some wind is not that strong.

Effects on landforms and other structures: It can affect how much bigger the landform is.

Erosion by water

How it occurs is When it rains the rain carries away bits of soil and then washes away rock debris.

The sediment sizes that can be carried are small sizes because it is a small rock and can get carried fast.

What affects on land forms it has, The grand canyon that is how it formed when the lake washed all the sail away it made the grand canyon.

Erosion by Gravity

How it occurs is when loose rocks have loose gravity pulls it and it is kind of like a glacier because when the smaller particles fall they build up with big particles.

Sediment sizes are small and medium rock can get carried.

Effects on land forms are weathering and it could possibly over flow.

Erosion by glaciers

How it occurs when the glaciers are moving around the rocks get scraped on the bottom of it and sediment gets stuck to it.

Sediment sizes that can get carried are small sizes to big sizes any where in its pathway.

Effects on land forms are the rock will then crack over time and lose different layers.

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