Wind Energy

By: Collin, Jesse, Aryan, Samuel

Wind Energy Factual Info

  • Windmills have been in use since 2000 bc and we're first developed in China.
  • A single wind turbine can power more than 500 homes.
  • Most wind turbines are on private land.
  • Wind power is currently the fastest growing source of electricity production in the world.


  • Constructors can install the wind turbines.
  • The wind turbines can be maintained by janitors at night.
  • The wind turbines will need to be approved by the principal because we want to see if she thinks it will help the school.
  • The janitors will need to approve too because they will be checking out the win turbines at night.

Wind Energy Budget

  • A wind turbine cost roughly $3,000 for one turbine (without installation).
  • The total will come out to be $17,970.
  • We will need about 4 to power the whole school
  • we will buy a fifth more just for backup if one dies. We will have multiple fund raisers and ask for donations

Benefits of having a Wind Turbine

    • External Energy source

    • Backup energy source

    • Lowers Electricity Bills

    • renewable Energy Source

      • 80%Cheaper than the 80’z