Michael Padova

Peace of Mind is important to Michael Padova

Equal treatment is how Michael Padova lives life

You get what you deserve. That is what Michael Padova thinks. Ideologically, Michael Padova lives by a very simple creed: treat others how you want to be treated. This means that Michael Padova is willing to help others when they need it. This is because Michael Padova knows that if he were the one in trouble, he would want someone to help. In the same way, Michael Padova believes that people should be willing to forgive those that hurt them, since they expect to be forgiven themselves.

New business opened by Michael Padova

Michael Padova is a man that is willing to take risks to accomplish what he wants in life. Entrepreneurship is a risky road to walk, regardless of the capital that backs the new business venture. For Michael Padova, the risk is worth it. Michael Padova decided to step out on a limb in 2012 and become the CEO of the fledgling company, Barefoot Property Management. Shepherding the new business was a difficult proposition for Michael Padova, but he was willing to stick out the difficulty for the reward that was to come.

In the end, the risks paid off and the reward has been steadily growing. Barefoot Property Management is now a stable enterprise, working to provide high quality property management services in Florida.

Michael Padova's boldness in creating this new venture has paid off and he now enjoys a position as the CEO of a successful and growing company. Looking forward, Michael Padova eagerly anticipates the challenges to come as he continues to guide the company through difficult and trying times. Michael Padova will have to rely heavily on his unflinching resolve and desire to stick to his moral code as business picks up and he becomes even busier. In order to continue pleasing his customers, Michael Padova will have to maintain the high standard of work for which he has become known. His professional reputation rides on the consistency with which he can produce quality work. However, Michael Padova's history bears evidence that he will be able to meet these lofty expectations. His high quality work is not based on obligation or a desire for more money, but rather out of a belief that he should produce excellent work and treat others how he himself wants to be treated. This means that Michael Padova will continue to give people his best because he wants to be given the best by other people.

Michael Padova understands both sides of the situation

Michael Padova has been on both sides of owner vs. tenant disputes. On one side, Michael Padova has lived the life of an impoverished tenant when he was first trying to get his fledgling career off the ground. Michael Padova knows what it feels like to be worried about presenting new problems to the landlord on top of the pressures and stresses that already exist for each tenant, while also worrying about paying rent, bills, and student loans. Michael Padova also knows the other side of the situation. From his experience as a real estate agent and property owner, Michael Padova understands the intricacies and pressures that come with owning a house. The worry that someone will destroy the investment that you have made weighs heavy on the minds of the owners of these rental properties and, frequently, the rental properties are not their only occupation. Michael Padova uses this understanding of both sides to be an effective and excellent mediator in disputes and tense situations. Michael Padova is able to diffuse the anger and helpless feelings that the owner has after hearing of yet another repair that must be made to a rental property and is able to discern when it is true anger at the tenant and when it is simply the stress of a long day getting to the owner. On the other hand, Michael Padova is also able to identify with the fear the tenant feels after lodging maintenance reports and the irritation when it seems that the landlord is not following through on their promises regarding landscaping. Regardless of the situation, Michael Padova is able to give insight to both sides, explaining the other party's potential feelings and helping everyone understand their counterpart's reactions. This type of service is extremely rare and, because of this, Michael Padova is able to make himself a valuable commodity in the growing rental market.

Equal treatment is how Michael Padova lives life

Michael Padova has a simple code that governs his life, both in business and in his personal life. He believes that people should simply treat others as they wish to be treated. There are many different ways to interpret this. Michael Padova could be saying that anyone that mistreats him deserves to be mistreated. However, this is not the case. Michael Padova believes that he should treat each person in the best way that he can, because this is what he would like them to do for him. Michael Padova understands that he cannot force people to follow the same strict moral code that he adheres to and so he cannot require that anyone treat him the way that Michael Padova treats them. Instead, Michael Padova must focus on what he can do, which is treat people well.

This means that Michael Padova makes an effort to meet people where they are and take care of their problems quickly. In business, Michael Padova carries out this policy of equal treatment by making sure that the tenants are represented along with the owners of the properties that he manages. Michael Padova understands that if he were in the same situation as the tenants filing complaints, he would want someone to step up and handle his problems. Conversely, Michael Padova makes a concentrated effort to reduce the amount of stress on the owners of the properties, as Michael Padova understands that they are under a considerable amount of stress and expect Michael Padova to earn his wages.

For Michael Padova, this policy of equal treatment has governed his life for a long time. It has served Michael Padova well throughout his career as a real estate agent and he sees no reason to stop as he increases his involvement in the property management industry.

Hard Work got Michael Padova where he is now

Michael Padova is no stranger to hard work. Michael Padova has had to work every step of his journey through life. After graduating high school in New Jersey, Michael Padova worked hard until he obtained his real estate license in 2005. Michael Padova worked his way around until he wound up in southern Florida, working as a realtor in the Sunshine State. Michael Padova understands that there is no substitute for hard work and eagerly embraces new challenges that are set before him. This aptitude for hard work has paid off as Michael Padova has worked to establish a new business in the property management industry.

Founded in 2012, Barefoot Property Management has consumed much of Michael Padova's time, as he is the CEO of the company. Late nights and early mornings were familiar friends as Michael Padova worked to get the company where it is today. Client meetings, rejected proposals, and late nights drafting sales pitches were par for the course as Michael Padova pursued his dream. Today, Michael Padova's dream is coming to life before his eyes but his aptitude for hard work has not faded. As the company has grown, Michael Padova's job description has changed a bit. However, Michael Padova can be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Whether that means fielding calls from tenants locked out of their house or arranging for repairs to be made on the weekend, Michael Padova is willing to work hard.

Michael Padova's willingness to work hard is a rare thing in modern society. Most people would shy away from such a great challenge as starting your own business. However, Michael Padova is not most people. His willingness to work hard has earned him an excellent position in a new company and great things are expected of Michael Padova in the future.

Excellence in work is Michael Padova's goal

Michael Padova was not built to be content with a sub-par job. In Michael Padova's opinion, doing anything less than excellent work is just as bad as not doing the work in the first place. Functionality is all well and good in Michael Padova's opinion, but if there is more in the tank and the job could have been done better, then Michael Padova is not satisfied. This drive to become the best and to produce the best work possible has defined Michael Padvoa's career in real estate. Michael Padova has made a name for himself by selling the best houses he could find and creating the best deals for his clients. Even then, Michael Padova felt that he could do more than was being done and branched out into the property management arena. As the CEO of Barefoot Property Management, Michael Padova has plenty of opportunities to export his best work. Michael Padova has chosen a difficult path by choosing to pursue excellence. His work rate may be slower than he would like some days and Michael Padova may wish at times that he had not committed to working to be the best the way that he has. However, excellence is quickly becoming a way of life for Michael Padova and his clients are responding in kind. As owners of rental properties see the excellent quality of Michael Padova's work, they frequently refer friends to him and his business grows as a result. Tenants who have interacted with Michael Padova as their property manager have been equally satisfied with his responses to their inquiries and requests. Michael Padova can be counted on to produce excellent results in any effort that he chooses to engage in and his clients clearly agree that Michael Padova is one of the best in the business when it comes to property management.

Michael Padova: Property Management Specialist

Property Managers are common enough to find in today’s rent-heavy economy. However, it is much more difficult to find one that is truly an expert in their craft. Michael Padova is the consummate expert when it comes to managing properties. Michael Padova takes pride in knowing how to mediate conflicts between renters and owners and happily interposes himself to take the strain off of the owner. Michael Padova says that his goal is to create some breathing room when owners want to distance themselves from difficult tenants, while still portraying a welcoming and helpful face to the tenants themselves. Michael Padova's skill in doing this is unparalleled and his clients thank him for it. Owners are happy that Michael Padova is capable and reliable. They are content to give Michael Padova control over their properties for extended periods of time, trusting that Michael Padova will come through and do an excellent job protecting the investments they have made over the years. Michael Padova knows that his reputation is at stake every time he answers a phone call from a tenant or accepts a contract with an owner and his attitude is one of consistency and hard work. Michael Padova has the background needed to understand the needs of a property owner, since he has worked in real estate as an agent prior to working in property management. With his honest style and consistent work ethic, Michael Padova is the consummate professional when dealing with property management challenges. Michael Padova's corporate ideology stems from his desire to treat other people how he wants to be treated himself. This lends an air of professional courtesy to all of Michael Padova's dealings, and explains his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to accomplish difficult tasks for all of his clients.

Communication is key to Michael Padova

Clear and consistent communication is key to Michael Padova's success in the property management industry. Michael Padova has worked as a real estate agent before and understands the difficulty that can come from a single misinterpreted phrase in a contract or agreement between parties. In order to reduce the chances of that happening between himself and an owner, Michael Padova makes it a point to clearly define the terms of any agreement he is entering into with a potential client. Additionally, Michael Padova knows that many of the difficulties seen between owners and tenants stem directly from a failure to communicate clearly. Michael Padova has seen many negotiations go awry due to a misinterpreted word or phrase during his career as a real estate agent. Because of Michael Padova's experience with these matters, he and the Barefoot Property Management company act as a go-between for both tenants and owners. This action allows the two parties' messages to each other to be filtered through the company. This allows Michael Padova to standardize the terminology being used and clearly explain the needs and demands of each party. Frequently, this reduces the amount of conflict and tension between property owners and their tenants. Even when this is the case, Michael Padova will make sure to walk between the two parties, ensuring that they continue to communicate clearly throughout the entire process. Michael Padova also knows that sometimes distance is needed in order to communicate clearly. This is why Michael Padova works to allow property owners to step away from the day-to-day management of their rental properties. When the owners have stepped away, the conversation frequently becomes less muddy as tenants are less intimidated by their landlords and are more willing to speak frankly and calmly about the issues at hand. Michael Padova is a talented mediator with a knack for clear communication and a willingness to intercede.

Charity work is a constant part of Michael Padova's life

Civil service and involvement in the local community should be a part of every businessperson's life and Michael Padova is no exception. Michael Padova has consistently looked for opportunities to invest in the local community, wherever he has been living. After gaining his real estate license in 2005, Michael Padova began to look for opportunities to invest in charities on a larger scale. Eventually, Michael Padova decided to contribute through his real estate agency to the Children's Miracle Network. Helping to provide research funds for the children only reinforced Michael Padova's idea that community service needed to be a part of his life, regardless of his career.

After spending a few years in the real estate industry, Michael Padova saw an opportunity to use his career to help the community around him and entered into a new employment opportunity offered by Barefoot Property Management. As Michael Padova started work at Barefoot Property Management, he began to see how he could benefit the people around him and start to improve their quality of life. Michael Padova began to work to reduce the stress placed on the owners of rental properties around him. Michael Padova's efforts worked and the quality of life of the owners steadily improved. As the owner's quality of life improved, Michael Padova began to see that the quality of life for the tenants increased as well. The tenants were no longer concerned about angering the landlord by adding pressure and inconvenience to their already busy schedule. Instead, Michael Padova provided an avenue for them to lodge complaints and requests that he could address without involving the owners. This experience has taught Michael Padova that community service is not limited to writing checks to the Children's Miracle Network, but also includes doing his job well and making his services useful to clients.

Social Networking helps Michael Padova succeed

In any sales oriented business, networking is everything. In a service based sales business like property management, without solid networking opportunities, any business will sink and die. Michael Padova understands this principle and has taken steps to ensure the success of Barefoot Property Management. Michael Padova has paid attention to the rise of the electronic world.

As social networking has changed from an interesting phenomenon into an integral part of people's lives and livelihoods, Michael Padova has kept Barefoot Property Management at the forefront of social networking. Boasting accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Pinterest, Michael Padova takes any and every opportunity to network with potential clients.

Michael Padova understands that the value of online networking cannot be overstated. In Michael Padova's eyes, an online recommendation is nearly better than one made in person since it is immediately sent out to an entire network of potential clients. The risk in this, however, is that someone will present a bad review of Michael Padova and his business. If this were to happen, the entire network would see someone ripping Michael Padova to shreds. In an effort to prevent this from happening, Michael Padova maintains an extremely high standard of professional performance.

The ability to network efficiently with entire groups of people at once is the primary reason that Michael Padova has invested so much of his time in cultivating an online presence for Barefoot Property Management.

It is likely that, as time progresses, Michael Padova's online presence will grow and, with it, his influence over the property management scene in the surrounding areas. Michael Padova plans to continue collecting positive review on his online profiles. As he redesigns the website for Barefoot Property Management, Michael Padova also plans to create a section specifically for his tenants so that they can utilize his online presence to enter maintenance requests as well as present reviews themselves.