Titanic 3rd class

by: Hailey rivera

3rd class

The Titanic had 3 different classes based on how much money you had and can afford, the cheapest one everyone could get was 3rd class which was at the bottom part of the boat. 3rd class didn't have many advantages except exploring the Poop deck and looking around places you were allowed to. when the ship sank, most of the people who died were the ones that were in third class. they had locked the doors and didn't let them come out until they cut down the doors.

The Titanic

The chaos of the Titanic was horrible, more than 1,500 people lost their lives in the disaster. The titanic had many flaws; one was how big it was and couldn't turn. That's why it hit the glacier, because it couldn't turn fast enough and got the impact.
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