Need volunteers!

Looking to change up my jewelry bar and need feedback!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am looking for a few volunteers to help me with a new jewelry bar presentation. This is where you can help. I would set up in your home, like a regular jewelry bar, you will invite your friends, family, neighbors like normal but this time I will do a presentation. During that presentation I would like you to time me, take notes about what you like, don't like etc. The cool part is, I will be giving out prizes during and after the presentation as well as you will also get host benefits! (with a qualified jewelry bar)

I have 3 "hot dates" that if you pick one of these dates will receive a FREE Over the Heart Chain in either silver or gold at your party!

Thursday June 25th
Saturday June 27th (1pm or 6pm)

If those dates don't work for you please let me know.