Justin Hart

An exiting article on one of our awesome classmates

Fears, Hopes, Favorites, Helping anyone, Favorite show/movie.

Justin's biggest fear is Clowns.

Justin loves his Nike T-shirt because it feels very nice.

In 20 years, Justin would like to be playing Football.

If Justin could help anyone, he'd help Hospitals to get materials with money.

Justin` loves Regular Show and The Internship because they're both really funny.

Music, Books, Wishes, Travels, Where to Live After Graduation, Eat Out, Meeting People.

Favorite musician is Billy Joe. Favorite kind of music, Classic Rock.

Favorite book genre, non-fiction. Favorite author, Percy Jackson.

Wishes to be a shark for one day because it would be really cool.

3 wishes are: 1, unlimited wishes, 2, seeing Grandmother again, 3, brother doesn't have anger issues.

If he could do anything for one day, absolutely anything, it would be skipping school.

If Justin could travel anywhere, he'd go to Florida because it's really warm there.

After Graduation, Justin wants to live here in Wisconsin because of the snow.

Justin's favorite place to eat is Luigi's because they have excellent pizza.

If Justin could meet anyone living now, or in the past, he'd meet Aaron Rodgers because he's a great Quarter-back.

Made By: Tiffany R. Hilbert