October 9, 2015

Save the Date

Oct. 12- No School
Oct. 16- Gatorville
Oct. 21- Report Cards
Oct. 23- Gatorville
Oct. 24- Fall Festival 2:00 pm

Class Objectives

Math - (3rd grade) - Addition using strip diagrams and number lines as models; Estimation and addition

Writing - Freeze time plan for narratives; Strong beginnings

Reading -Mapping the planet Shine using map skills and text evidence from The Green Book

Spelling - Pattern - ea words; pretest and create word list; test next week

Science - Weathering, Erosion and Deposition; Earth's rapid changes

Social Studies - Physical Geography

Growth Mindset: Training Your Brain Muscle!

Take a look at this video that explains growth mindset in an easy way to kids. How amazing it is when students realize they can become smarter if they train their brain!
Growth Mindset Video

Obstacle Course for an Egg

Today students were involved in a creative problem solving challenge using an egg! The students had to maneuver an egg through a five-station obstacle course without touching, cracking, or dropping the egg. Lots of planning and thinking preceded the challenge. Grit and growth mindset were really put to the test. No group successfully completed all five challenges, but we did learn a lot from our failures. We will try the challenge again in the near future using revised plans made from our observations of what worked and didn't work! It was great fun!


Student Led Conferences

Thank you to everyone who came to our student-led conferences this week. Children were so excited to share their goals and learning with you. I love hearing the conversations students and parents had about goals!
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