My Role Model

Luke's Role Model for L.A.


My role model is Martian Luther King Jr because he has changed every one life's in America by Racism's and he won many award because he introduced segregation between Colored and Non-Colored.

The Day He Was born

Monday, Jan 21st, 12am

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Rosa Parks

Rosa parks is one of the persons that started the bus boycott. She started that by not giving her seat in a bus. When the segregated revolution there was 2 parts of buses the front part of the bus there is a Non-colored area. Rosa Parks was in the Non-Colored area so a non-colored person came and told Rosa to get up and go to the back but she did not so she got arrested and that started the bus boycott.

He Inspired Me......

Martin Luther King Jr inspired me by winning many awards and he won the Nobel Prize of 1964, He changed america, and Help out the world today with people not being Racist to each other.


This is why Martin Luther King Jr is my role model. He changed america allot and made every ones life's better. He even help out the world. And that is why he is my role model and I thank him for our wonderful lifes with out segeration.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech(I Have A Dream)