Sara Evans!

Written By: Ashlyn Marion


sara lynn evans was born on February 5, 1971, in New Franklin, Missouri. she was the eldest of seven children. she grew up on a family farm with her seven siblings and both parents. she also grew up singing in her family band. at the age of 5 she was a lead singer.but 3 short years later the young evans was in front of her house when a car hit her. this caused both of her legs to brake wich put her in a wheelchair. on the other hand sara saw this as an oppertunity to pay for her medical bills sara would sing to earn money. then later in her teens she moved to nashville to try and pursue her dream of becoming a country singer.


sraras first album was produced by rca records nashville and was released on september 30,1997. three songs off that album made it to the best of country list and had three videos nominated for cmt awards. now her latest album that she has produced is a little bit stronger. this album is about her getting through a divorce with her ex husband craig. even though she had a divorcve she says she does not let her outside personal life effect her singing and song writting.

life now

sara is now remarried to Jay Barker. they do not have any children together yet. on the other hand she has three children with her ex husband. she is currentley going on tour and her next show is at rodeo austin. to add on to she is workinf with red cross to help people that are affected by serious storms or that need help. she is a faithful women now and has custdy of all three of her kids and are always on the rode.

tv apperences and music carrer

in 200g sara evans appeared on the show dancing with the stars wich appears on abc. unfortuentlley though she had to stop being a contestent because of her divorce. in 2010 she appered in the country movie country strong. this widend her knowledge of existinst to the peopple. today sara is a very popular country artist that has a total of 4 albums. at almost all times now she has about 12,639 listeners. she is still very popular with the country fans of america and all around the world.

A Role Model

A role model is someone that always has their mind in the right place and that has hope in every bad thing that happens. Sara Evans has had many bad things happen to her in her life but she has always kept faith and hope in things. People tend not to do the right thing because they believe it is not cool but a role model is a person that always has their mind in the right place and does the right things no matter what. sara has been at the tops of the charts and been at the very bottem but she has never let her mind go in the wrong place and she has always kept faith and faith in things that are bad and that is the reson why sara lynn evans is my rolemodel.


Sara Evans - A Little Bit Stronger