Social Studies Leadership Team

What You Need to Know About the Redesigned SAT

Focus on Key Changes 1 & 2

Words in Context

  • Students will be asked to interpret the meaning of words based on the context of the passage in which they appear.
  • Selected words will be those that students will use throughout their lives — in high school, college, and beyond.


College Board Information and Sample Questions

Vocabulary for the Common Core Tier 2 Words

Command of Evidence

  • Students will be asked to demonstrate their ability to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence found in a wide range of sources, including informational graphics (i.e., tables, charts, and graphs), as well as multi-paragraph passages from literature, the content areas and the world of work.
  • Reading Test: Students will determine what text best supports answers to previous questions; as well as integrate information from words and graphics to find the best answer.
  • Writing and Language Test Students will analyze sequences of sentences or paragraphs to make sure they are logical. They will also interpret graphics and edit a portion of the accompanying passage so that it articulates the information in the graphics.
  • The SAT Essay Students will analyze a source text to determine how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience through the use of evidence, reasoning, and/or stylistic and persuasive devices. They will be asked to write an effective analysis supported by critical reasoning and evidence drawn from the source.


Connecting to Practice

Presentation Slides from Lisa Madden & Melissa Wing

What Does This Mean for Teaching & Learning in My Content Area?

  • Students will need to build "reading stamina."
  • Students need many opportunities to practice close reading across the content areas.
  • Staff should identify common reading strategies/academic vocabulary to use across the curriculum.
  • Departments should discuss what content-area reading students are experiencing and what they are doing to support students in navigating difficult text.
  • Several free resources are available below for content area teachers looking for sources beyond the text book to enhance student reading experiences
  • Lisa or Melissa are available to come to your building to facilitate professional learning on Close Reading/Navigating Complex Texts.
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