Pride and Prejudice

Is Pride and Prejudice good for English IV?

Logoutine 1

Alexandra Logoutine

Mrs. Dearman

English IV 5th hour

November 14, 2013

English IV Curriculum

Pride and Prejudice is an amazing book. It has many life lessons I believe young adults like seniors should be shown. I think Pride and Prejudice is a great book for the English IV curriculum, because it teaches a lot of valuable things. Yes, it is kind of a girly book, but I believe any boy can still enjoy it.

Pride and Prejudice can be sometimes hard to read, since we do not talk like they do in the book anymore, but at the age of 17 and 18, any senior should be able to understand what is being said. It is a book that really makes you think a lot; because it is based in a time period we do not live in. Ladies in the time of Pride and Prejudice did not have really any rights and many options for their future; they could not really dream and make something of themselves like so many of us take for granted these days. Reputation is still important to many people and should be, but this book has shown it meant everything in this time. You were judge for anything you did, said, and thought. I can see after reading how lucky I am to live in a time that is so much less stressful and I can make many decisions for myself about what I want to make of myself in life.