Team TOTEally PURSEonal 11.15.14

TRAINING EVENT…EARN $1000 before Christmas

Ladies, I am EXCITED!!! So excited about everything that is happening with Thirty-One that I simply can-not-wait until our next Team Training to talk to you during our FB event on Monday. If you can join us - AWESOME! If you can't - no worries. We know you're out there ROCKIN your business and you can catch up and read over everything when you get home. That being said... I can't WAIT to talk to you on Monday at 9:00pm EST!

Who wants to make almost $1,000 cash by Christmas? I know I do! Tune in to hear more! I can't WAIT!!

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Where to FOCUS your November:

Where to FOCUS your November:
  • Adding ONE MORE Party to your Calendar... whether it's a catalog party, FB party or home party.
  • Being consistent and persistent with customers this season. How many times have you said- "Oh- that would be perfect for Sally for Christmas" but you don't purchase it at the time and ultimately forget about it... your customers do the same thing. So politely remind them this holiday season that YOU have the best gifts in town for everyone on their holiday list.
  • Be THANKFUL- we are so incredibly blessed. Remember to thank your family, friends, customers, hostess and those that you are blessed to know.

Spring Product Premier

Who's excited to see what's in store for our business in the coming months?
Here are some tips for a smooth Premier!

*Premier starts at 12:30 SHARP - doors open at 12:00 - so arriving early is advised!

*Premier is 105 minutes - you are expected to stay for the entire event - only after will amenities be handed out. - NO EXCEPTIONS

*Please print your E-Ticket and have it ready in order to attend the event.

*There will be NO on-site registration.

*The only reason for cancellation would be that the theater is closed - if weather gets crazy, please call the theater.

*If you have any questions please feel free to email me back.


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