Friday Focus

"Building Tomorrow's Future Today!"

September 11, 2015

Volume 2 Issue #3

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This Week...

***Fire Drill & Constitution Week***

Monday- 9/14

Kindergarten Orange Day

GLC Meeting @ 4pm

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade TPRI

Tuesday- 9/15

1st & 2nd Grade TPRI

Wednesday- 9/16

Kindergarten Purple Day

Progress Reports go Home

1st Grade TPRI

Thursday- 9/17

PTA Teacher Luncheon

1st Grade TPRI

Friday- 9/18

Wear your Blue & Gold!

H-F vs. Buna (A)

Upcoming Events...

Monday- 9/21

Kindergarten BrownDay

Tuesday- 9/22

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends

Wednesday- 9/23

Kindergarten Black Day

Thursday- 9/24

Friday- 9/25

Wear your Blue & Gold!

H-F vs. Smithville (HC)

End of 1st Six Weeks

Important Information

  • Please don't worry if you did not receive an appraiser notification memo (the purple paper) in your box. This was only given to the staff that Mrs. Jenkins will appraise this year with PDAS. If you did not receive one, and are appraised using PDAS, please be on the lookout for your appraiser notification memo from Mr. Craft. He will distribute them in the very near future. :)

  • Please let us know if you cannot access the HFE RtI folder that was shared through Google Drive. Please check it out when you get a chance, there are tons of great resources in there!

  • On September 14th, Mrs. Bell will deliver poster board to your classroom for the annual TRF poster contest. Each grade level will turn in one poster from each class to be a candidate in the finalist selection process. Three posters from each grade level will be chosen and sent to the TRF office for competition. All posters will be due on Thursday, September 24th.

  • When you fill out an Aesop substitute request, please remember to leave notes for the sub to remind them of any duties you may have or other assignments that they may have on other campuses. Also, when you let a sub know that you have put in for an absence from duty, it will not be posted on Aesop until after 5. Remember that you need to have a current roster at all times in your sub folder. You may want to print several copies in case you are out unexpectedly.

  • Just a reminder to document a constitution day lesson in your weekly plans for next week.

  • We recently learned that all teachers in the state of Texas must be trained in the English Language Learner (ELL) laws. We are currently on the hunt for the best professional development module that we can get for you and will send you more information on this in the very near future.

  • In reviewing the board policy on grading, we have discovered that the elementary has some missing pieces to our grading guidelines, which directly affects failing grades and the policy that requires us to give students a reasonable chance to make up a failing grade. Our policy states: The District shall permit a student who meets the criteria detailed in the grading guidelines a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test for which the student received a failing grade. This reads to us that the student would be given a reasonable chance to make up a failing grade if they meet the criteria as detailed in the campus grading guidelines. In our handbook, these are the specific criteria that are missing in the grading guidelines. Therefore, we will address this at our first SBDM meeting and work to create the criteria for the grading guidelines that are currently in place.

  • We are in need of additional SBDM representatives for our campus site base team to be in compliance with our local board policy. 2/3 of our team must be comprised of campus teaching personnel and the other 1/3 is comprised of 2 parent members, 2 community members and 2 business owners, giving us a total of 18 members. This does not include the campus administrative team. So, we need your vote once again! Please complete the google form included in this Friday Focus by Wednesday, September 16, so that we can determine our newly elected members. Once all responses have been recorded, we will let everyone know who makes up our site base team. Also, if you know of any parents, community members or business owners that might would serve on this committee, please let us know, so we can contact them. We are in need of and in search for these 6 members!
We Need Your Vote!!!!

Please click above to access the SBDM Representative election form. Thanks so much!

Compliment Corner

We'd just like to say thanks to everyone who helped make our picture day a success! For the first time in forever (insert music LOL) ....every student had their picture taken before 10:30AM!!! Thanks again for everything and for helping this process run so smoothly!

Just for Laughs

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Happy Birthday!!!


8/5 - Lindsey Hone

8/9 - Marlene Batiste & Alisha Martin

8/15 - Nan Sutton

8/16 - Jenny Peltier & Darby Meguess

8/22 - Vicky Scogin

8/26- Kimmi WIlliamson


9/1 - Louise Legere

9/11 - Lely Lopez & Sarai Pompa

9/30 - Adam Craft