Hooray for Pre-K

Week of Sept 28


This picture day is UNIFORM ONLY! We will have other pictures taken in the Spring where your child can choose different clothes. You may want to wait to see the proofs before you decide to purchase pictures. Sometimes this is easier so you know what they look like first. We will have picture retakes later on in the year.

What we will be learning this week

Families and Friends: alike and different

Colors- review: red, blue, green and yellow

Shapes- Review Circle and Oval (round/not round)

Writing - introduce touch, pull down - review: strokes up and down

Math - comparing height and length / counting on to 4

Reading - Letter Aa, segmenting sentences and identifies similarities and differences in characteristics of families.

Important dates

September 28: Picture Day - Uniforms only

October 4: Fair Day - no school for students or staff

Check our ROISD website and our ROE newsletters for updates. The district calendar has been updated.

ROISD app for communication

Please take a moment to download this app. We will have several different ways to keep you informed this year of upcoming events and announcements. Our main way that we will send you information is through this app from Red Oak ISD. Download the app and sign in so that we we will be able to message you as a class and directly.

We will also be sending messages through skyward, so always make sure you are checking your e-mail. Please contact your child's teacher if you are not able to find our name.

Birthday Treats

We would love to honor your child on their special day! We know it means so much to them to share it with their friends. Here are some things you need to know before this day comes.

Any food treats need to be "store bought" and packaged individually. No cupcakes (since they can't be in individual packages) or homemade cookies. Please contact your child's teacher so you can find out how many students are in the class.

Extra pair of clothes

Please make sure your child has an extra pair of clothes in their backpack for emergencies. Sometimes we don't make it down to the bathroom in time or we spill our lunch on ourselves. Having an extra pair of shorts/pants and underwear in a baggie will keep us from having to call you in the middle of class. We can just change and clean up and get back to learning.