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October 2020

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President's Message

TABSE Family,

Our 2021 TABSE theme is befitting of the societal disruptions we all have experienced this year: “Delivering on the Promise: Equity, Social Justice and Restorative Practices.” On February 18-21, TABSE will deliver on a promise to provide a robust and culturally relevant conference. As you all know from firsthand experience, the last several months have been filled with very taxing and demanding leadership challenges. I, along with the TABSE Board have made very difficult decisions surrounding the execution of our 2021 virtual conference. We have all learned quite a bit about planning and presenting virtual conferences; what we have learned most is there are no easy answers.

As president of TABSE, I am asking all members for a little grace as we enter uncharted territory. During this very stressful time, we are working very hard to deliver the high-quality conference experience each of you deserves to receive from our outstanding organization. Our committee chairs are working tirelessly to deliver a virtual experience that resembles an in-person conference as closely as possible and delivers the same high standard of excellence we have all come to expect from TABSE.

Our membership is vital to the existence of our organization. As a member of TABSE, the personal and professional enrichment you gain as a result of your membership is the most valuable advertisement of the benefits of attending a TABSE conference. Our conference has always stood on a firm foundation of providing educators with educational tools that enhance educational outcomes for children of color. I proudly announce, in spite of the challenges 2020 has presented, we will continue to uphold this high standard of excellence.

I respectfully request all members to register for the upcoming TABSE virtual conference without delay. In addition, invite someone new to become a member of the TABSE family. In recognition that “iron sharpens iron,” consider inviting your most valued colleagues to join our outstanding organization and attend our exciting annual conference. Many of us have been sharpened by those who have come before us; we owe it to the futures of all students of color to continue to sharpen ourselves and our colleagues in order to deliver a first-class educational experience to them.

The TABSE board and I appreciate our members and the many volunteers who continue to make TABSE a vibrant and relevant organization during these very difficult times. We are here to support our affiliates and representative districts across the state.


Dr. David C. Harris

TABSE President

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TABSE Nominations Are Open

Nominations are still being accepted for the following TABSE positions:

Corresponding Secretary

Financial Secretary



Please submit Nominations for review by the Nominations Committee by November 1, 2020, @ 11:59 p.m.

For details, refer to the TABSE email dated 9/22/2020 sent out to the membership for the requirements of each position. The Nominations form is included.

Additionally, the information is provided on the TABSE website (tab About, Constitution/Bylaws, Article Vlll, Nominations/Election of Officers, Sections 1-5, includes

information concerning, Time, Committee, Election, and Voting, etc.

Article lX Section 5:1-5.


Approved February 23, 2020

Amended November 2019

Any additional questions please contact Linda Fisher-Griggs

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Moments with Mentors

We are incredibly excited about our next Moments with Mentors meeting this Saturday, October 24, 2020 at 10am. Our topic is Mindful Leadership with Cierra Nickerson.

If you have not already done so, please register for the event here:


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Affiliate Spotlight

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Plano Area Alliance of Black School Educators - PAABSE

At one of the most important times in our country’s history, TABSE continues to bolster a force through their local affiliates and the impact on their communities. Plano Area Alliance of Black School Educators is a leader in this force, therefore they have been chosen as this month’s Affiliate Spotlight. PAABSE is leading the way and promoting African American educator’s voting practices and professional growth while urging its members to support students. Recently, they hosted a Panel Discussion and Ed Chat about the importance and necessity of African American educators voting. TABSE’s October Affiliate of the month is not new to hosting virtual events. August was a particularly busy month with their Black History is American History panel discussion, Virtual Membership Drive, and 1st PAABSE chat. This affiliate also partnered with Ft Worth Area Alliance of Black School Educators in their weekly prayer calls every Wednesday night in May and June. In addition, they’ve begun producing a newsletter and offering some amazing Plano Area swag. As usual, we congratulate PAABSE on their faithfulness to the organization and continued support of area students and educators.

All my Love,

Yumesha Mosley

Affiliate President Council Chair

Affiliate's in Action

PAABSE Panel Discussion & Ed Chat

October 3, 2020

NETABSE Officer Instillation

October 7, 2020

Welcome Foot Soldiers!

Centex AABSE Mixer

October 15, 2020

Congrats to Centex AABSE on their first Membership Mixer!


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Alamo Area ABSE - Where Do We Go From Here?


Friday, February 5, 2021

HAABSE Teacher Awards and Recognition Ceremony

A Virtual Celebration

Chaplain's Corner

Carla Mills Windfont TABSE Chaplain

Prayer for Patience

Great God in Heaven, please hear my prayer for the teachers who must exhibit patience in times of great stress and while in great demand every single day. Few jobs are more important to our children’s future than that of a teacher, next to their own parents, and so I pray that You richly bless the children’s teacher with great patience and understanding with the children whose future they hold, to a great extent, in their hands. They can leave such a lasting impression, either good or bad, and one that they can take into adulthood. I ask You to help them endure with patience in the great task that they face each and every day and to bless them greatly and in the omnipotent name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

-Prayer inspired by Jack Wellman


Eric Hale 1st Black Man Named Texas Teacher of the Year

Click HERE to check out his story!

Dr. Jennifer Butcher - TCPEA 2020 Educator of the Year

Dr. Anthony Mays - Chief of Schools Austin ISD

Texas Alliance of Black School Educators

If you have any questions or need to contact TABSE email us at