Niere's News

May 1, 2017

News from the Teacher:

Thank you so much to our volunteers who came to help out on our field trip! The kids had a great time!

Have a great week!

Yearbook Orders

Yearbooks came in last week. Extras were ordered. If your child didn't receive one and you would like to order one, please send $16 to school. You may send cash (exact amount) or write a check payable to Inter-State Studio. Act fast because once they're gone, we can't order any more!

Upcoming Events:

May 19 – Early Dismissal. Last Day of School!

What we are Learning:


We will take the topic 16 test, the Benchmarks 13-16 test, and the end of year test. Then we will begin to learn "step up" skills that will help us with third grade skills! We will draw pictures and write a story to solve multiplication problems and make equal shares of objects by making equal groups.


Week 31 Pattern:

Vowel Team Review: -eu, -ee, -ai, -oi

Word Bank:

explain, claiming, degree, esteem, neutralize, sleuthing, avoid, joining, feudal, speechless, between, staining, mailbox, hoisted, avoiding


We will use what we know from the text and our own lives to infer what is likely happening or will happen.

Scholastic Reading Counts

Username: Student ID (lunch number)

Password: Password1 (with a capital P)


We will conduct experiments and write lab reports, using the scientific method.