CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is a technique used to keep the oxygen rich blood flowing to the vital organs. It is typically used when a victim goes into cardiac arrest. it is used to get the oxygen back to the heart when the heart stops pumping.

How can you learn

Learning CPR is not that hard. Its as simple as how you learn everything else. Just take a class. You can benefit and help so many people by just taking a little time to take this easy CPR course.

Why is it important to learn CPR?

The importance of CPR

It can benefit many people by doing CPR. I was just reading an article about a middle school girl who went into cardiac arrest and needed CPR. Because her school gave a mandatory CPR class one of her team mates was able to administer it. The problem is her coach didn't know how to do it.

Why is this a problem??

When you are the coach of a team you should know how administer all safety measures. This problem can be prevented and resolved by taking a simple CPR class.

Just imagine

Imagine you and your friend sitting around chilling and all of a sidden she just drops and can't breath. Because you went and took a CPR class you where able to help her until an ambulance arrived


If its too much for you to physically get up and go to a class you can take them online for as little as $20. For just 20$ you can potentially save a life.
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