The AP Program at GHS

October Newsletter

Fall Is In The Air

As the leaves start to change color and the outside air begins to cool down, GHS teachers are deep within their curriculum and course content. As we prepare to place our Fall AP exam order, please help by making sure that your child has officially joined each and every one of their Yearlong and/or Fall AP courses. We will have a separate Spring AP course registration drive next semester. If you have not done so already, and you qualify, please complete and return the exam fee reduction form. If your child receives testing accommodations, please reach out to each AP teacher and make sure that those accommodations have been applied for through our SSD coordinator. Enjoy this great Fall weather!
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GHS AP Support

AP Tiered Interventions

Support System for AP Students Flowchart

Tier 1: Universal Interventions

Contact: Classroom Teacher

Supports: Tier 1 Resources


Organizational tips

Note Taking skills

General test-taking topics

Essay writing

Tier 2: Small Group/Individual Interventions

Contact: Classroom Teacher

Supports: Specific Resources for Your AP Course

Tier 3: Specific Individual Interventions

Contact: AP Coordinator Nick Scheman and Pharalynn Brown

Supports: Individualized and reflective support plan, Personalized tutoring sessions, TestPrep software, GHS Hub

Goal Setting, Free Online Daily Planner,

Hourly Planner, Gibbs Reflective Cycle,MYAP Student Tour,

How to Conquer AP,

SSD Testing Accommodations

Parent request form for students who are eligible for testing accommodations.

SSD testing accommodation (Spanish)

Parent request form (Spanish) for students who are eligible for testing accommodations.

Spotlight on AP English Literature

AP English Literature, in essence, is a course designed to prepare students not only for reading and writing at the collegiate level but to facilitate critical thinking. In order to think critically and objectively about varying subject matters, a certain degree of growth is expected. Georgia author Flannery O’Connor mused, “[...] human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful” and yet that grace is what students can hope to achieve through the labor of love that is AP Lit.

The trajectory for AP Lit is to move beyond the stigma of the past and embrace new voices, new students, and new works with gusto.

If interested, we have plenty of room in AP English Literature with Ms. Toney-Velazquez for the Spring semester!

Highlights of AP English Lit are found in the Spring 2020 highlights of my Teachergram here