The Town Of Perpekto

The citizens live in towers with everything they need!


Before the town of Perpeko came to be it was known as the town of riverside.The town was living without any rules and it was good that way but one day a passing traveler saw that there where no rules and though it was complete chaos . He later declared himself ruler and changed the way of life for many citizens. He had his worker build a whole new city that consists of 3 towers, hospitals, parks, pools, and rivers. He then forced the innocent citizens to move here and start a whole new way of life under his laws. This started off the first day of the rest of their lives as a city of perpekto citizen.
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1. Every citizen must live in the correctly assigned building

If seen not living in assigned building THERE WILL BE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES, such as salary cut for a certain amount of time.


1.Every citizen must be home before curfew

There is a curfew of midnight and all citizens must be inside of their assigned room at midnight and you must check in by midnight that you are in your room . No one is allowed to leave the building after midnight and if you do not check in by midnight there will be consequences such as, community service, extra hours of work with no pay,etc. You check in by using your identification card. You swipe your card in a small slot above the door handle and press check in on the touch screen. The machine will either recognize your card or not. If the machine does not recognize you will not be allowed to enter the room , and you may swipe your card as many times as needed if the machine makes a mistake.

2. You must have permission from the dictator to leave thew boundary of the city

The cemetery is located outside of the boundary ,so citizens will be allowed o visit the graves of loved ones every year on the anniversary of day a loved one passed away. If citizens wish to visit on any other day , said citizen will be required to have permission from dictator John L. perpekto. If caught sneeking out of the border you will be sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in prison

3. If a citizen is caught threatening the ruler they will be executed

The citizen will have a set date for the execution and will not be granted a last before their death. The will be allowed to visit all family member one last time before taken back to prison.

4. School ends at the age of 16

For the firs five years of school on Mondays , Wednesdays, and Fridays students will be required to attend self defense classes. On Tuesday, and Thursdays students will learn about the money system and then will be given free time for the rest of the day until school ends. School starts aat 10am and ends at 3pm

5. work starts at the age of 17

when you turn 16 you will no longer be required to attend school , and will be given 1 year to rest and you must apply for a job by the age of 17 or you will be assigned to a random open job.

6.Elderly jobs

elderly people are not required to have a job . You are considered elderly once you reach the age of 60.

rules for each level

poor rules

1. Will not be payed more than 50 credis a week

2.Must attend job

3.mandatory job by age 17

middle rules

1.Will only be payed minimum wage credits

2.MUST attend job

wealthy rules

1. No job

2.not able to provide for other communities

3. will be payed by government up to 500 credits per week

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The society supports itself by people working to earn food and money, so they can survive. The workforce in our society ranges from a variety of jobs. Whatever the government or people need, they will have a job for it.

For citizens who are poor, the government will assign them a job with strict hours. These people work from 5:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Everyone starts working when they are thirteen. They must attend work five days a week for at least ten hours per day. They can get any job from farming, to manufacturing, to being a mechanic. They do whatever they are told in their job. The poor get paid every two months and get food regularly. If the job they get assigned requires experience they will have to be trained. If their job requires training they could train anywhere from two to six years. They work as long as they want food and money.

Middle class citizens have to work as well. These citizens work from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. These citizens start working at thirteen and continue as long as they need food and money. Middle class citizens get to choose the genre of their job, like teaching, mechanic, etc., but the government chooses their specific job. These citizens work five days a week. They too might have to be trained on their job. Starting a business is possible with middle class citizens, but they are assigned by the government what to sell and their hours are chosen. It would be very hard to start their business. Overall, middle class citizens have to work to provide a living for them and their families if they have one.

The wealthy citizens do not work because they are so rich they can live off their money. They can start a business but do not have to work at it. These citizens get the best and are considered the best.

Some specific jobs that are common in this society is working at super markets, working in factories, and farmers. These jobs are most important to the society because they produce the products citizens need to live, food, and a place to buy these things. Poor people get paid only one dollar an hour, middle class citizens get paid 10 dollars an hour, and wealthy citizens make no money, as they are so rich already.


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fun for different levels

Wealthy citizens host house parties, work and rarely attend fancy balls

Average citizens go to the movies and dance parties

Underprivileged citizens can spend their time at local pools and parks

Wealthy citizen are allowed to have fun in town until 11pm, but average/Underprivileged can only stay up in town until 8pm.

No one is allowed to sneak out of houses or go outside after 12pm

The deprived can only have fun at pools and parks

Map of the City of Perpekto

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Underprivileged citizens wear dark and dreary clothes: women wear dark long shirts and long skirts and slacks in the winter. Men wear grey polos and black jeans.

Classy citizens wear all white clothes: Women wear white polos and short skirts and white jeans in the winter. Men wear white polos (Men over 50 wear white button ups) and white slacks.

Classy men and women have clean faces and well done hair, they have professional and clean outfits.

Underprivileged men and women have dark, casual and dark outfits, they have clean faces; women don’t wear makeup. Women put their hair up to hide the messy, dirty hair.

All citizens over the age 16 are chosen a job provided by the government. Children ages through 5-15 spend their time at school

Wealthy citizens over the age of 20 are alowed to have children, so all children have the right nessessities.

All citizens respect all rules and laws and act calmly, no corrupt behavior alowed.

Wealthy citizens work and rarely host house parties and attend fancy balls

Average citizens go to the movies and dance parties

Underprivalleged citizens can spend their time at local pools and parks

ALL citizens MUST repect all of the government decisions


Schools are inside of he tower. Teachers record videos of the lesson being aught and send it to all students so that they can watch it on the flat screen 3D television included in each room of the tower. When the time comes for you to go to your self defense class you are required to wear your free uniform given to you on the first day of school.

health care

Every 10 levels of a tower there are nurses stations. There are 5 elevators there are designed to get you between floors 20% faster than the current elevators in 2016, and will get you there safely. Out of the 5 elevators on each floor 2 of those are emergency elevators that you can use to get you to the nearest nurses station for help.If more intense help is required the nurse will follow procedure taught to them in training, and call for a hovercar ambulance to transport you to the closest hospital. Based on you level of wealth you will be put in a different hospital room . On the first level of the hospital there are rooms for the poor, the second level has rooms for the average people, and on the third level there are rooms for the wealthy.

tipical poor poor citizen

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health care and educaion

When someone is sick they come to their local hospital. There is more than one hospital and they are evenly spread out throughout the town. You can tell which part of the hospital to go to because the rich floor is at the top and is all fancy and has better patient care but the poor hospital is all beat down and dark. The average hospital is normal like a regular hospital today of 2016.

When it comes to paying medical bills rich citizens still have to pay their medical bills but not near as much as the average citizens have to pay. The average citizens have to pay a couple hundred dollars and the rich people only have to pay 50 to 75 dollars. The poor people have to pay less than the poor and average. They only have to pay about 10 dollars. The amount of money you pay depends on how sick you are.

•When you reach the age of 80 you are no longer required to pay any other medical bills.


•Everyone in the town Perpekto is required to go to school for ten years, from the age five or six to age fifteen or sixteen.

•For the first five years (From first to fifth grade) of school everyone is going to learn self-defense and train how to fight intruders. They are learning this because the government wants everyone to know how to protect themselves and be able to fight bad people back. They will attend this class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for four hours from 10am to 2pm.

•At the end of fifth grade each student will choose two jobs they would like to take on the future. They will then be separated into different groups for the next five years of school (sixth grade to tenth grade) depending on what jobs the students chose. Everybody will attend this school to learn about the first job they chose on Monday and Tuesday for six hours from 10am to 4pm. They will attend this school to learn about the second job they chose on Thursday and Friday for the same amount of time as they learned about the first job they chose for.

•Everyone is required to go to the same school no matter poor, rich, or average, unless you’re in different grades. This is because there are different schools for each course. The first school is for training to fight and the second school is to learn about the jobs you will be in in the future.

average rich citizen

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average middle citizen

middle citizens still have all the things we have in 2016 because they do not have enough money to get the new technology the rich people have

diary entry

Dear Diary,

I wake up to the annoying sounds of hover cars passing above. I get dressed in my filthy gray scrubs. The government assigned me the job of working as a cashier at the local super market. I exit out of my microscopic excuse of a house to start a three mile adventure to my future. I work fifteen hours a day just to be able to buy one piece of stiff bread. Since I am only considered a poor useless woman, I get rude looks and comments at my job. I dropped out of being wealthy with my family to prove that I can survive without tons of money. I guess this is the time where you could say, “I told you so.” At my job I work really hard to satisfy customers and I still receive nothing. After the long hard day I manage to drag my sore feet out of my miserable new life and walk home. To tame my hunger I go to the nearest cheap super market to buy myself dinner. I exit the store with one bottle of water, a piece of solid bread, and three dollars. I used my extra money to buy a bus ticket home. The bus stopped at a rich neighborhood, Bird Creek and people enter. One of the spoiled, selfish ladies forces me to leave my seat as I refuse. I leave the seat with tears flooding down my cheeks from the ladies’ rude comment of, “At least I’m actually considering sitting in the same seat as a poor person.” My eyes light up with joy as the bus finally reaches my stop. I sprint off the bus without anytime to blink an eye. As I walked into my tiny home I began to open my bag and eat my hard bread. My neighbors invited me to go to the rusty old park but I quickly refused. I lie down on my stiff, thin mattress and close my eyes. I think about the ignorant mistake of leaving my old life.


The poor girl, Jessica

group members

Ashley Pilot

Ashley Cox

Kate McDaniel

Yasmin Perez

Cassie Tatum