What I did in ELA 1

By Brennen Alsbury

About ELA 1

This is an example of what type of writing we do in class it's about something we are doing next weekend. This class is called ELA 1. Its a really cool class were you get to write,read,and do fun projects.

My thought on this class

I think this class is really fun you get to write and do projects with partners. Other class projects you get to free write and read articles with partners to.

Work in this class

The rules of the class Rome for ELA

The most important rules for ELA are being quiet when the teacher is talking. Raise your hand. Have the right supplies when in the class room like a notebook and a pencil.
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Reading Strategies

The last thing is what kind of reading Strategie there are. There are seven reading strategies. There are predicting,visualizing,there's questions,connect,identify,infer,and evaluate.