EPOC-NYC Quarterly Newsletter

Fall 2014


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We trust you all had a wonderful summer. As difficult as it is to say goodbye to warm weather, flip flops, BBQs and outdoor concerts we're excited about some of the events taking place this fall.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, not travelling in the poster-riddled NYC subway, or just completely unplugged from the Matrix, the People’s Climate March will take place on September 21st 2014 here in NYC. Please mark this event on your calendars. It’s slated to be the largest climate march in history! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a historic event? If you haven’t done so already, take the time to visit the homepage for more information at http://peoplesclimate.org/march. There are tons of activities and volunteer opportunities posted on the site.

We would love if you would join us for the march under the Environmental Professionals of Color banner. You're welcome to join our group with your family, friends and colleagues. Please contact us at epoc.nyc@gmail.com or use the RSVP form below to indicate your interest in marching with us. We’ll send an email containing rendezvous specifics for the day of the march and any other important logistics. Some members from the Washington DC EPOC chapter will be in town, it might be a great opportunity for a pre or post march meet and greet. Please feel free to send us any ideas or suggestions for activities. Stay tuned for more details.


Sunday, Sep. 21st, 11am


Email with rendezvous location to follow.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Special Report: The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations

At the end of July a special report on “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations: Mainstream NGOs, Foundations & Government Agencies” was released. EPOC founder, Marcelo Bonta and our very own EPOC-NYC co-Chair, Donna Hope, were members of the Green 2.0 Working Group that developed this report. As Environmental Professionals of Color it is crucial that you take the time to check out this report at http://diversegreen.org/. There are no surprise findings here, but it does highlight the need for the Environmental Professionals of Color network. EPOC has the opportunity to become a talent reserve that institutions can tap into, we can serve as a knowledge base for ideas and solutions to change these tragic trends.

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  • Ethnic minorities are severely underrepresented in the environmental workforce.
  • Though ethnic minorities are also underrepresented in the science and engineering (S&E) workforce nationwide, they are employed in the S&E workforce to a much greater percentage than they are in the environmental workforce. Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans comprise 29% of the S&E workforce.
  • Once hired in environmental organizations, ethnic minorities are concentrated in the lower ranks. As a result, ethnic minorities occupy less than 12% of the leadership positions in the environmental organizations studied.
  • None of the largest conservation and preservation organizations (budget over $1 million) has a president who is an ethnic minority.
  • Of the 683 staff hired in government environmental agencies in the last three years, only 80 (or 11.7%) were ethnic minorities.
  • Of the 493 staff hired by conservation/preservation organizations in the last three years, only 63 (or 12.8%) were ethnic minorities.
  • Environmental organizations are much less likely to promote ethnic minorities already working in an organization to leadership positions.
  • Promotions go primarily to White females. Women of color are still on the outside looking in, along with their male counterparts.


The Fall Quarterly EPOC Networking event is on the horizon, so stay tuned for more information. Let us know if you have any ideas for venues, special guest speakers or if you wish to help support planning.

A few lucky EPOC-NYC members (who shall not be named because of the jealous rage they might inspire) took summer sabbaticals this year and spent a chunk of their time absorbing amazing vistas and touring national parks. Here are a few pics from their travels reminding us what's at stake should climate change go unresolved.


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