Push/Pull Factors

By: Connor Salerno

Religious Persecution

A. China

B. According to news reports, Christians continue to be arrested for printing and distributing illegal Bibles. A house church member died after being beaten in prison.

C. People are immigrating to The United States.


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Ethnic Persecution

A. Africa

B. Africa was controlled by Europe to provide raw materials and new markets for industrialized goods. They were forced to provide the materials.

C. The African people migrate to the United States and Europe.

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Environmental Factors

A. North Korea

B. North Korea has become more open to gingerly discussing its environmental problems in recent years in the hope of finding solutions. There environment has been not as safe to live in as many other countries out there.

C. People that live in North Korea try to move to any other part of the world such as the United States South America and even Canada.

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Economic Motives

A. Zimbabwe

B. Once considered the breadbasket of Southern Africa, food shortages are now rampant in Zimbabwe. The people there have pasts just because they didn't have any food.

C. People have tried to move to any countries with food. Such as United States, Africa, and even Europe.

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Political Factors

A. United States

B. As birth rates rise amongst women of color who vote consistently Democrat, the states working blue may make a radical turn to become our most fertile ones. People in the United States have yet to not be as happy in the United States because of political factors or government.

C. The people have moved to canada and South America.

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Forced Migration

A. Africa

B. Forced migration continues to be a serious, protracted, and in some areas, an expanding problem across Africa, particularly south of the Sahara. People in Africa have been moving from Africa to other parts from another parts of the world.

C. People move from Africa to Djoran.

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