Fire Next Time

Natae, Nick, Skylare, Josh

Main Arguments

  • Negro problem - The Caucasians put an ample amount of racist connotation towards the African Americans.
  • Religion - He went to a Christian church and became a teacher for the church. He also see's how the Christian church isn't set out how he was told to be and start's to disagree with the church.
  • Relationships - He's trying to build a relationship with his nephew by explaining to him how where he comes from and the color of his skin shouldn't define him. Don't allow the whites to change him.

Media Connections

How African American's are on the lower end of the economy, the criminal cases are not being justified and there is a negative connotation with being black.

Rhetorical Devices

Italics - by using the words you and them to show the separation between whites and blacks.

Hyperbole- when they say that the white man is the devil but he truly is not

Allusion- showing the negative connotation of the word jew